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"I like that these are dry. The other wet brands always dry out as the package won't stay closed. These you wet, clean, rinse it out and go over your face and neck to rinse. You really feel so clean when you are done. I use them in the morning and at night and it has helped clear up any imperfections so to speak."

- Ashley

"These are so convenient for removing makeup without a mess. You just add a bit of water to the dry cloth, and wash your face like normal. You then rinse and wring out the cloth to wipe off the soap. They leave no residue that I could tell. They remove makeup well and soften skin."

- Rojit

"Perfect for removing make up. I just moisten it a little more, and with just one towel I can get it done. I used to just wash my face with a cleanser, but now I do this first and it takes away most of my make up. I still use the cleanser and a plastic brush, but that is my routine."

- Valeria

"I have been struggling so much with acne problems for a few years now. Nothing was working for me. I tried basic cleansers, I tried taking supplements, I did face masks, I tried retinol. Nothing was helping!! I was about to just give up trying but then I ran out of my face wash and decided to give these a try. After just 2 weeks of use, I am not even kidding when I say that this is the clearest my face has been in years!!!! It works miracles. BUY IT!"

- Jessica

"I have weird dry/oily combination/sensitive skin. These wipes are gentle and non-irritating. They leave my skin soft and clean and they will remove mascara and eyeliner gently and completely. Plus (and probably most importantly), they are fast. Pull one out, swipe off the crud. Follow with a smear of moisturizer and done."

- Aimee

"I got a sample in a magazine. Didn't expect the results I got. They polish my skin without tightening it. They're actually helping with breakouts, which I think are a little adult acne and a little mild psoriasis. So I bought some, and have been using them for three months. I'm reordering. It's clear the cloth is mart of the polishing effect."

- Samantha

"Loving these wipes. Makes makeup removal easy and quick. I have used them to easily remove foundation and eye-shadow to waterproof liquid eyeliner and all day lip stain with no trouble at all. Usually only need 1 wipe, though have found on days with full face of makeup on a second is necessary for thorough removal."

- Juhaina

"I wear waterproof mascara so my makeup is always a little more difficult to remove. I've tried Many removers, hands down this is one of the best. It doesn't dry my face out like other brands have done either. I'm 100% satisfied! Thank you!"

- Josanna

"I love these! My skin is practically glowing from within. They do a great job of cleaning everything off, but the exfoliation is what I've been missing in my life. With these facial wipes, the exfoliation is very present and you can choose what areas on your face need it more than others. I'll definitely be repurchasing these when I run low."

- Brenna

"I've only been using makeup wipes for a couple years, but have tried a bunch of different ones and keep coming back to these. They don't leave an oily feeling like other brands do. These are just perfect and everything I need. I'll probably be using these forever."

- Aquina

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